The Cutting Edge Research and Industry Application of Computational Mechanics organized by Association for Computational Mechanics (Singapore) and Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Society (Singapore).
        Date: Friday 04 November 2011
        Time: 16:00pm-18:30 pm
        Venue: Infuse Theatre Level 14 (Connexis South Tower), Fusionopolis

Keynote Speaker 1:
Prof C.W. Lim, Department of Building and Construction, City University of Hong Kong,
Title: A Discussion on the Strange Behaviour of Young¡¯s Modulus for A Nanorod or a Nanotube based on Nonlocal Elasticity Theory
Keynote Speaker 2:
Dr. Zheng Guoying,
ST Aerospace
Title: Apply Mechanics in Aerospace Industry ¨C The ST Aerospace Experience

Keynote Speaker 3:
Dr. Pei Qing Xiang,
Title: Mechanical Properties of Chemically Functionalized Graphene¨C A Molecular Dynamics Study

Keynote Speaker 4:
Mr. Clive Ford

Title: Latest Abaqus Applications in Industry and methods development

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