Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Association for Computational Mechanics (Singapore) (SACM)


Date:    Oct 3, 2014

Time:   5.00 C 6.00pm

Venue: EA-06-06 - AT  BLOCK EA,  NUS




Among the 58 members of SACM, 25 members attended the AGM. The list of attendances:


Dr. Richard Cai Chao (BW Offshore)

Dr. Cheng Yuan (IHPC)

Dr. Cui Fangsen (IHPC)

Dr. Guo Junyan (IHPC)

Mr Ding Zhiwei (IHPC)

Dr. Ge Zhengwei (Parson Brinkerhoff)

Dr. Gideon Praveen Kumar (IHPC)

Dr. Jiang Yong (IHPC)

Prof. Li Hua (NTU)

Dr. Liu Zhuangjian (IHPC)

Prof. Liu Zishun (XJTU & NUS)

Mr. Liu Jun (NUS)

Dr. Liu Kaoxue (Singapore Polytechnic)

Prof. Poh Leong Hien (NUS)

Prof Ng Teng Yong (NTU)

Prof. Qian Xudong (NUS)

Prof. Vincent Tan Beng Chye (NUS)

Mr. William Toh (NTU)

Dr. Wang Yuyong (Portek)

Prof Swaddiwudhipong Somsak (NUS)

Dr. George Xu Xiangguo (Parson Brinkerhoff)

Dr. Zhang Zhiqian (IHPC)

Dr. Zhang Zuoqi (IHPC)

Mr. Zhang Yang (NUS)

Dr. Zou Hua (NTU)


The 2014 SACM Annual General Meeting (AGM) was started at 5:00 pm. President Dr. Liu Zishun presented a welcome address and chaired the session.


  1. Confirmation of minutes (AGM 2013)


The minutes of AGM 2013 was confirmed by all members presented.


  1. Update on SACM Website ( http://www.acmsg.org )


SACM has launched its own website at http://www.acmsg.org  for more than 2 years. There are many new features such as conferences organized by our association and personal activity/achievement in the website for members to surf. All members will be listed and updated in SACM web. The SACM website is linked with IACM website. All current members of SACM are encouraged to submit personal professional activities to the SACM website.


  1. The International Symposium on Frontiers in Applied Mechanics 2014


ISFAM 2014 will be held in Singapore from Dec 4 to 7, 2014. It will be co-organized by  

         The Association for Computational Mechanics Singapore (SACM)

         The International Center for Applied Mechanics (ICAM, XJTU)

         The Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Society (SingTAM)

         Department of Mechanical Engineering (NUS)

         School Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (NTU)

  Prof Liu Zishun (also the organizing committee Chairman) highlighted the ISFAM 2014 is following Gordon Research Conferences style. The participants are mainly by invitation and aim to create a high standard with top academic and industrial people. There will be a book based on the 2-page detailed abstract submitted and published by Imperial College Press.


       All members of SACM can join the ISFAM 2014 on Dec 5 with a poster to promote    their own research, without registration fee (and hence without lunch & banquet       provided).


  1. The 6th International Conference on Computational Method, July 14-17, 2015.


ICCM2015 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand. All SACM members are asked to support the conference.


  1. Statement of account by the Treasurer


Dr. Guo Junyan (Treasurer) reported Financial Statement of Account. Account Balance for Year 2014: S$687.42. Total Account Balance: S$6480.10. Membership fees for year 2014 were waived. We want to thank Prof. Liu Gui-Rong for supporting S$3000.00 as life membership fee to SACM. We also want to thank many SACM members for helping organizing a very successful APCOM2013.


  1. As proposed by Prof Liu Zishun, Dr Cui Fangsen (IHPC) will be the new vice-president of SACM. Besides, Dr George Xu Xiangguo (Parsons Brinckerhoff) and Dr Wang Yuyong (Portek Systems & Equipment) will be the new Executive Committee Members, to further enhance the application of computational mechanics to industry.


Prepared by:   Dr. Cui Fangsen (Secretary). 

Vetted by:       Dr. Liu Zishun (President), Dr. Guo Junyan (Treasurer)